So you are settled into a great work out routine, you have your schedule planned daily and you’re feeling great, and then you go on vacation and it all falls apart! Not again!

But don’t give up on your routine when on vacation. Mixing exercise with pleasure is easy and you will feel better. Planning is key.

Pack your workout gear, especially good walking shoes. Walking is the best exercise to do when traveling. You cannot walk too much!

Here are some ideas to help you:

  • Try and walk as much as possible. Walk through the airport and either on the beach or on the streets. Use stairs where practicable. Go for a hike!
  • Use the hotel gym. Most gyms have enough equipment and machines that allow you to tailor your workout. It may not be the same as you do when you are home, but you can get a good workout in!
  • No gym? Use the hotel room; push ups, squats, lunges, balance, stretching can all be done using a chair and floor.
  • Swim in the hotel pool, beach or lake.
  • Play your favorite sport; tennis, golf, pickle ball, croquet, they all count as exercise!

That key is to plan an activity that makes you move everyday before you settle into that comfortable chair. You will feel better and enjoy your vacation more!

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